Exhibition means Business, a vital way to generate more business & connect more people. Networking through exhibitions are more fruitful to get in touch with target customers in short period of time. Developing as well as developed countries needs proper industry branding. Strong marketing & promotion actually helps industry to develop. Exhibition is a very vital and live platform to promote any industry to the world.

Our expertise covers every requirement of a grand exhibition, includes;

SERVICES FOR EXHIBITORS: Sales, Marketing, Logistic Services, Stand construction & furniture rental, Publications, Business Delegation Management, Hospitality, B2B & B2C buyer meet, Factory Visit, Brand Identity, SMS Marketing, PR & Media Management etc.

SERVICES FOR VISITORS: Online / Offline Registration Management, Delegation Management, Hospitality, B2B & B2C buyer meet etc.


We have our own exhibitions & direct cooperation with below Industries:

• Garment & Textile Machinery
• Fabric & Yarn
• Dyes & Chemical
• Printing
• Packaging
• Led & Signage
• Paper & Pulp
• Plastic
• Telecom
• Smart City
• Internet of Things
• Construction
• Renewable Energy
• Banking, Finance & Fintech etc.